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A boy born without skin in Texas

San Antonio Ekpress News,

8:50 AM

SAN ANTONIO (AP) – Doctors are working on setting up a diagnosis and care plan for a boy who spent the first three months of his life in hospitals after being born without a skin.

Grace has been hospitalized since his birth on January 1st at the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, San Antonio reported. Most of them lacked the skin, except on the head, that he was initially diagnosed with aplasia cutis, a rare congenital absence of the skin.

After being transferred to Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston on Friday, specialists have diagnosed a bulldozer epidermolysis, a rare genetic disorder of the connective tissue that leaves the skin extremely fragile and susceptible to plague and tears even from minor friction or trauma.

I've got skin on the head and some on my legs, but none on my hands or torso, so it's cured by frequent changes in dressing and lubricants to get rid of the infection, said his mother, Priscilla Maldonado.

"They are really focused on making him comfortable now," she said.

She said that she and her husband, Marvin Grai, were subjected to genetic testing to confirm the diagnosis, since the disease was inherited.

"It could be two to three weeks before they get the answer. They do not want to treat my son for the wrong thing, "Maldonado said.

She and Gray have two more children, aged 5 and 6, who stay with Maldonada's mother, while the couple keeps the baby.

"I managed to keep it twice, but you have to be dressed in a dress and on a glove. It's not leather skin, it's not the same," Maldonado said.

The doctors plan to carry out a surgery to cut the scar tissue that connects Ja's chin with his chest. His eyes are also connected from birth. Medicaid covers part of the medical expenses for the child, Maldonado said, and the family receives help from Taco Caban, where both parents are employed. There is also a GoFundMe account.

Maldonado said that doctors did not say how many patients would have to stay in the hospital.

"Even if it withdraws, we do not know what the future is," said the mother. "We pray every day. Every day is a blessing. "

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