USA TODAYI Jefferson Graham gives the advantages and disadvantages of the new Amazon Amazon Fire TV Recast, DVR over-the-air television.

The DVR has always been a tool for recording TV shows and reproducing them to watch on TV. Amazon is changing it.

His Fire TV Recast DVR, November 14th, will once again imagine how you think of the DVR. Yes, it can record TV shows, but only if it is connected to the antenna. Warning for the reader: Cable and satellite users will find Recast useless. It's just for cutters.

When connected, Recast acts as a TV hub that receives the signal and re-distributes it, along with recorded shows, to multiple TVs, phones and tablets.

Starting from $ 229, the renaming refers to the lowest price, a complete DVR that's available to date, and highlighted with a magical consumer advantage – without a monthly fee. Most cable providers charge a monthly rental for their $ 30 or more DVRs, and TiVo rivals have many DVRs available, with monthly fees ranging from $ 6.99 to $ 15.

So what is it?

Recast works only with Amazon products. There is a Fire TV TV edition, starting at around $ 229. Though many traders will pay discounts to just over $ 100 with Black Fridai jobs. You can also use the Amazon Fire TV Stick ($ 30- $ 50) streaming device on any TV with an HDMI port or Echo Shov, a $ 229-speaker speaker that brings video to Alec. Additionally, it is necessary to add an antenna at a price of US $ 30 or more.

After you had a tool for recording local news and sports and broadcast shows (most of which are available through apps), the reversal is that Preimenova Aleka is embedded, so you just say: "Aleka, save the price is correct" "or" … Set to NBC. "

Again, Renaming is not just a DVR, but a box that has downloaded your TV. Use it to find out what's going on, to contact a specific station, view the channel guide, record and monitor your recorded shows. (Second Reader Alert: When setting up, connect the antenna to Preparation, not to the TV.)

If you use the Fire Stick on multiple TVs in your home, you can touch the shows recorded on Recast, wherever it sits, and even watch TV live using a DVR card that is displayed on the Amazon TV menu.

For cable cutting, another choice of the device for recording and reproducing TV shows is thin. There is the new TiVo, Bolt OTA, which sells for $ 249.99 plus $ 6.99 a month, or Tablo, which has several available models sold for $ 139 to $ 199. But you need to run the hard drive to connect with it, and add $ 75 to $ 100. Like Recast, Tablo and Bolt, they connect only with antennas, not with cable or satellite boxes.

So how's the rebirth?

First, propose to Amazon to re-imagine how we watch TV.

However, the setting may take some time (remember, antenna in the unit, not on the TV), which is a different experience in which it can be used.

Once it starts, captures and finds shows, although not as smooth as a DVR cable, it makes my eyes more pleasant to visualize a commercial than a renaming. But again, I pay over $ 400 a year for this right to rent a DVR from my cable company. I like to pay once without a monthly fee.

Another warning: when a lot of programs are available through streaming, in movies, original TV shows, and the like, and when IouTube offers the best TVs (and much more in the form of shots), it is questionable whether any of us really need to record anything.

But then I'm not a "Bachelor" fan, so what do I know?

Another note: Because Amazon and Google disagree, the official iouTube application is not included in the Amazon offer. But Amazon has the solution to download YouTube through the browser.

Pro: Low price, unique tvist on watching TV, no monthly fee. It starts at $ 229 with the ability to record up to four shows at once to a 500 GB hard drive or $ 279 for a 1 TB hard drive.

Con: Works only with Amazon products, so if you get Amazon Prime Video via Roku streaming stick, you need to go for the Amazon brand. You are also missing on an alternative cable TV on IouTube, which will not work with Renaming. Fast forward, not as visually appealing and precise as a cable DVR.

Readers: Would you unlock your DVR for cables for an antenna-only unit? Let's talk about it on Twitter, where I am @ jeffersongraham.

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