Monday , March 27 2023

Fire fire burns 30 acres of dry hills near Cal State San Bernardino



The fire was fired from behind the California State University camp at San Bernardino on Sunday night, but the authorities said it did not threaten the campus.

The fire started not earlier than eight hours ago. in the 5500 block of University Parkway. Authorities said the flame of 3 hectares appeared on a hill and was prompted by a dry brush and strong winds. In less than an hour she grew to about 30 acres, authorities said.

It burns in the Badger canyon, right behind the observatory. The campus community was not under threat, firefighter officials said, but set the protection of the structure out of attention.

Voluntary evacuations are also issued for residents living near 59th Street and Carleton Street. But no structures were threatened, and two crews, as well as water tenders, were in that area.

"The key to speeding up the fire was a big response to the resources of both county fire, as well as US forestry services. The first alarm resources reinforced by secondary alarm, our shunts, our engine companies and bulldozers – all work before the wind could really be to influence and create a danger to the community, "said Eric Shervin, with San Bernardino fire department.

By 9:45 pm, the authorities said that the progress of flames was stopped and that flames were being flushed out.

The cause of the fire was unknown.

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