Monday , March 27 2023

IouTube VR finally joins Oculus Go – TechCrunch


Today is Google IouTube The VR application comes to $ 199 Oculus Go, bringing the largest library of content content on the web at Facebook's entry level VR device.

IouTube delivers a lot of content in conventional and immersed video types. This is undoubtedly the largest single hub of 360 content and source formats like the VR180, although allowing access to the library as a whole is probably far more important for the Oculus platform.

One of the interesting things about the Oculus strategy with the Go headphones is that playing has turned out to be the case of using minorities after media consumption. If it's hard for you to believe that there are so many people who are fighting 360 videos because they are probably not. Users somehow copied the capabilities of the device to make it a conventional device for watching movies and TVs, there are Netflik and Hulu apps, while Facebook also made Oculus TV, a still-in-the-function feature, but basically offered by Apple TV-like environment to watch a large number of 2D content in a social environment.

At the Oculus Connect conference last year, CTO John Carmack noticed that about 70% of the users spent on Gou watched videos with about 30% of user time. Oculus has positioned itself as a gaming company in many ways through its investments and it will be interesting to see how a mobile platform grows to make the video aspect of its VR business more attractive.

With YouTube, the company has fairly easy access without effort, bringing a bunch of content on board, it would be a great partner for Oculus TV, but the dedicated application brings many users. It was not clear whether Google will play hardball with the ioTube application and maintain a stand-alone approach limited to the Daidream platform, given that the domestic ambitions of VR have grown, it seems that their time has been to focus on external platforms.

You can download the IouTube VR app here.

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