Saturday , June 3 2023

Kim Kardashian defends Donald Trump, a friend of Kanie Vesta


Although Kim Kardashian is usually unable to stay out of the title, her husband lately pushed him out of the stage lately.

Kanye West was criticized for its incredible connection with Donald Trump, who saw a 41-year-old star with an American White House president, and even insisted he was wearing the Make America Great Again hat while playing on Live Saturday Night.

But, despite criticizing President's policy, Kim sees nothing wrong with Kanyi's connection with Trump – because it is based on friendship.

"He is not really political, he actually loves Donald Trump's personality, but he does not know about politics," Kim said. a variety of i Rolling StoneSummit of the Criminal Justice Reform.

"That's why I recently educated him, I think he's really misinterpreted. He'll always say that he was friends with him before, and that he is the same person and friendly with him.

"I could co-exist with somebody and still have different political views. My mom and my stepfather did it. It's good to be different and have a look."

Instead of being political, Kim argued that Canie "is fighting for the right to love what he likes" and "never said" to support the hard line of the g. Trump's immigration policies.

"I know it's very confusing because, when you see someone wearing a red hat, you think they support it," Kim said.

"But he only fights for free thinking and freedom to love a person even if it is not a popular decision."

Last month, Kany met with Mr. I'm trumpeting at the White House with the pretext to discuss prison reform and black law, but instead swore and rummaged in a confusing 10-minute speech.

During his performance at the SNL. Kanie went with the scene to praise Mr. Trump and need his revolters, telling the audience: "I've talked to a white person about this many times and say:" How would you like Trump? He is racist: "Well, if I was worried about racism, I would leave America for a long time."

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