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Local bookstores are preparing for Michelle Obama "Becoming"


On Monday, Barnes & Noble announced that the highly anticipated memoirs of Michelle Obama "Becoming" sold the most suitable adult books from Harper Lee's "Go Set Vatcher", published in July 2015. already at the top of the list of the best sellers of Amazon. He was also selected for the kind option of the Oprah Vinfrei book club.

In the hometown of the former first lady, independent bookstores see a similar excitement – and expect high demand – for Obama's memoirs.

Rebecca George, co-owner of Volumes in Vicker Park, told the average book that the store will order three to ten copies. They receive dozens of copies of "Becoming."

"We definitely doubled how much we ordered," said George. "I think many people will get him for a Christmas present."

The store will sell the book on Tuesday – even though it will not be technically open. Production will be filmed in space.

"We told them it was an impression of time on Tuesday," said George. "The production company is working with us, so if someone comes, we'll make a transaction."

Suzi Takacs, the owner of a cellar at Lincoln Square, said they expect the demand to be comparable to other popular books.

"Maybe not exactly like Harry Potter, but definitely requires," Takacs said. "She's our city girl."

Women and Children First, in Andersonville, they ordered more copies of the book than anyone else in recent history.

"I was one of the shop owners now for more than four years," said Linn Moonei. "It was our biggest initial order for any new book in at least four years, and maybe much longer."

Moonei said about a quarter of the books had already been told with preorder, but the store should have many copies.

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"When we open the door tomorrow morning, we do not want to exhaust ourselves," said Mooney. "I expect it to be our great book of the season."

"All the stars have grown up for this," she said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Obama will appear at her first signing of books at the Cooperative Seminar in Hide Park.

"Maybe I'm a bit jealous, but it's really well deserved," said Mooney about the Hide Park store, which recorded the first signature. "(Independent bookstores) are very close to communities here in Chicago."

Jeff Deutsch, director of the Co-op seminar, said that "becoming" was their biggest predestined ever.

"Because there are so many people in a community that is deeply concerned about her and are really proud of everything she has achieved, regardless of her husband," Deutsch said. "There's just a tremendous excitement."

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57. Street Books, the sister shop Co-op Seminars and, allegedly, the favorite family of Obama, should be hosting a midnight Monday for publishing the book "Becoming." Deutsch said that there would be special items for sale and on order.

On Tuesday evening, after appearing at the Seminar, Obama will appear at the United Center to discuss "Becoming" with Vinfrei. Only a few days after the tickets went out for sale for the first stop stadium on the size of the stadium – or what some fans see as their Super Bowl – the event is almost completely sold out.

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