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Mariland House of Delegates Censures A lawyer for the use of a racist service

The House of Delegates from Marilanda voted on Thursday to condemn the white delegate of a democratic state who acknowledged using racist fraud during a meeting with his colleagues.

The Delegate, Mari Ann Lisanti, representing the southern district of Harford, near Baltimore, apologized on Tuesday for a statement to use "insensitive and harmful words" a few weeks ago but refused to say what that word meant.

According to The Washington Post, Ms. Lisanti 51, she told another white lawyer that, when she was in the autumn campaign for candidates in the county district of the district, he knocked at the door in the "Niger District."

An increasing number of lawmakers invited Ms. Lisanti to resign. On Thursday evening, the House of Representatives approved a measure that criticized her. It was said that her behavior "led to the disgrace of the entire General Assembly of Marilanda."

"The public is expecting and deserving lawmakers who stick to each other and up to the highest standards," said Kathleen Dumais, the leader of the majority of the Democrats. "We speak with this vote as a body that racial insult and racially charged language will not be and can not be tolerated by this House."

Ms. Lisanti, whose Facebook page and Twitter account were deactivated by the time of the vote on conviction, did not respond to emails that requested a comment on Thursday night.

Miss Lisanti's racist commentary was said deputy Jai Valker, a deputy representing the district in Prince George. The district is about 63 percent of African Americans, according to the latest census data. Mr. Walker did not respond to comments this week.

The gathering took place at the end of January in a cigar bar in Annapolis, the country's capital. Several legislators, who were there, told Darril Barnes, president of the Black Sea Legislation Club in Marilanda, that Ms. Lisanti used this problem, said in an interview Wednesday. A club of 57 members calls for her resignation, he added.

Mr Van Hollen on Wednesday urged Ms. Lisanti to resign.

"Too long, racial insults have been used to oppress people of color", he wrote on Twitter. "Public officers who use this type of intolerable language should be held accountable. Words have consequences. The Lisant delegate must do the right thing and resign.

Senator Ben Cardin, a Democrat, stopped calling for resignation, but said in a statement that Ms. Lisanti should be responsible for her words and that she must carefully consider whether she can still be an effective advocate for her voters. "

President of the Democratic Party, Maia Rockeimoore Cummings, said on Wednesday that although Ms. Lisanti apologized, "she gave some insights into some of her African American voters about the type of political positions and actions she took. with a feeling that is reflected in her bad choice of words, emphasizes that an apology and a promise to go through training about diversity are not enough. "

About a third of voters in Mrs. Lisanti County in Southern Harford County are Afro-Americans, says dr. Cummings, and deserve to be represented by someone who is "respected and grateful to different people". predominantly white.

"For this reason, I support calls for Lisanti to resign," said Dr. Cummings.

Prince George County, located on the eastern side of Washington, has several wealthy African-American neighborhoods.

With more than 900,000 inhabitants, Prince George is far more populated than Harford County, which has about 252,000 inhabitants. Both areas are highly educated: most residents have completed high school and more than 30 percent in each county have a diploma or more.

County Executive for Prince George, Angela D. Alsobrooks called Mrs. Lisanti "an unenlightened and ignorant" told a press conference on Wednesday, and said she should resign.

"Her opinions mean nothing," said Ms Alsobrooks. "We know who we are in Prince George."

Harford's counti, Barri Glassman, Republican, It also echoed widespread calls for Mrs. Lisanti's resignation on Wednesday, saying in a tweet that she was "deeply disappointed" in her.

The reaction to Maryland followed a series of discoveries that politicians in Virginia, including the governors and state prosecutors, appeared in the past in black.

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