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Rare skeleton T. rivers, listed on eBai for $ 3 million, paleontologists

A fossil fighter is cursed to put a skeleton of the baby Tiranosaurus rider – claimed to be "the only one in the world" – on the eBa for an incredible $ 3 million.

It is unclear why archaeologist Alan Detrich, who discovered the 15-meter baby T. River near Jordan, Mont. About six years ago, suddenly decided to put a skeleton on the auction earlier this month.

The 68 million-year-old dinosaur was still exposed at the Natural History Museum of the University of Kansas, Lavrens, when it was first listed on the e-commerce website. Detrich, a native of Kansas, donated to the fossil museum in 2017. The museum said that it had since discontinued connections with Dietrich and confirmed that it was not related to the sale after the sponsor's reaction.


"The KU Natural Museum does not sell or mediate in the sale of copies to private persons," said museum director Leonard Krishtalka. statement. "Accordingly, a copy of the credit item has been removed from the exhibit and returned to the owner. We asked the owner to remove any relationship with us from his sales list."

On the eBa, Detrich describes baby T. rivers as unique.

"This Reek was a very dangerous carnivore, it's a RARE opportunity to ever see a REX baby, if they do not grow fast, they can not catch prey and die. Histology shows that the sample is about 4 years old," he explained in the census description, attributing the curator of paleontology of the vertebrate from the Florida Natural History Museum for the reconstruction of the 21-inch skull. "Many bones are waiting to be identified, but each day is more and more marked."

On average, 30 people watch this post every hour, and hundreds of others are documented "watching" sales at the same time. According to the list, the world expedition will cost an additional $ 65,555.

Alan Detrich listed 68 million years old T-Ray on eBa for almost 3 million dollars.

Alan Detrich listed 68 million years old T-Ray on eBa for almost 3 million dollars.
(eBai / Screenshot)


In spite of interest, palaeontologists are not satisfied with the idea that the skeleton could remain in the private collection indefinitely.

The Society of Paleontology of the Vertebrate (SVP), a professional organization of scientists advocating the preservation of fossil vertebrates, wrote last week an open letter to Dietrich, criticizing his decision to sell an invaluable skeleton.

"The [SVP] is concerned because fossil, which forms a unique part of the past, can be lost from public trust, and because its owner has used the scientific importance of the sample, including its status as an exhibit in the KU, as part of its advertising strategy, the "organization" Ovi events undermine the scientific process of studying past life, and the ability for future generations to share the natural heritage of our planet. "

The group claimed that if the fossil is removed from the public's access, then it hinders the possibility of further study, potentially pulling vital conclusions about the history of its bones.

"Scientific practice requires conclusions from fossils to be verifiable: scientists must be able to re-examine, re-measure and reinterpret (such a review can happen over a decade or even centuries after the fact)," the SVP added. "Moreover, technological advances, new scientific issues and possibilities for synthetic research mean that new research often uses fossils originally collected for other purposes."

Earlier this month, in an interview with The Vichita Eagle, Dietrich also admired the idea that paleontologists could learn more about the life of a fascinating being.

"Science and paleontology are quick and fast, they die young, they make a beautiful body. That's what this baby T. did. saying – she died young and made a beautiful body, "Dietrich told the newspaper." But because he did, we will learn things that we did not know until now. "

From Wednesday morning, the baby dinosaur was still on eBa, but did not get any offers.

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