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Related twins: Bhutanese sisters still want to be close


The 15-month-old sister Dava and Nima Pelden flew nearly 6,000 miles for a life-changing operation. They are born affiliated in the stomach.

Coordinator of the nurse Kellie Smith, who works on the twin departments at the Roial Children's Hospital in Melbourne, told reporters on Thursday that the couple are never far from each other.

"We're trying to split them a bit," Smith said, according to the Channel 7 channel of CNN. "But they manage to come back together and legs intertwine always."

The nurse added that the department staff initially tried to put twins in separate beds, but "they did not like it at all."

"They're together in one bed and happy playing with each other, and that's really nice to see," added Smith.

"They love their mother in the vicinity, they always look for mom and she is never far away."

Blizanci of 15 months flew nearly 6,000 mice to Australia due to surgery that changed their lives.

The girls followed the "road we set for them"

Leading pediatric surgeon Joe Crameri said that the girls worked well six days after surgery.

"The girls have to a great extent followed the road we set for them," he said, CNN affiliate Channel 7 reported.

"Like any surgical route, there were several depressions along the way, and there are several depressions that we still dominate – but with all the resources we have here in the Children's Hospital … we are making good progress in the present time."

Chief Pediatric Surgeon Joe Crameri said that the twins are returning to normal life by eating again and starting to move.

Crameri added that sisters "are returning to normal life".

"They went back to the meal and started to move and the areas that we repaired on their wall look like they were in a good state of fear."

Joint bisexual twins separated after a six-day operation.
The delicate procedure, which took place on November 9, lasted more than six hours and involved about 25 surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists, CNN affiliate 9 Nevs reported.

Gemini was born with a cesarean section last year and is believed to have been the first twin in Bhutan. In addition to problems with mobility and comfort, twins have recently lost weight, which was a concern for doctors, Elizabeth Lodge, Executive Director of the First Children Foundation in Melbourne, who financed the operation said last month.

It is estimated that the girl's surgery cost about $ 180,000 ($ 250,000), according to reports 9.

"Great to worry about it"

The coordinator of the nurse Smith says Nima and Dave were delighted and liked their personalities.

Megan Collins, another nurse in the department, agreed that the couple was in good spirits.

"They like to interact with the staff of patients," Collins said.

It was estimated that this operation cost about $ 180,000 ($ 250,000), which was raised by the Child First Foundation.

"We are blowing balloons and doing high fives, they like them when we watch Viggles – they will move a little with dance with their hands, and what does not," Kanal 7 told a news conference. .

"It's really nice to see how they are separated, but they're still happy to be close to each other."

Heavy operation

Related twins occur on every 200,000 live births, according to the Medical Center of the University of Maryland. About 70% are women and are always identical twins.

Common twin quick facts

Scientists believe that the associated twins develop from one fertilized egg cell that does not fully separate until it is divided.

"The success of surgery depends on where the twins are related and how much they have and what organs they share, as well as the experience and skills of the surgical team," said Maio Clinical Center.

Previously commonly referred to as "Siamese Twins", a name inspired by Eng and Chang Bunker, related twins born in Siam (now Thailand) in 1811. They never split up, lived up to 63 years old and appeared on the trip of the exhibition. Chiang and Eng married and gave birth to a total of 21 children between them.

While surgery to separate twins linked to the abdomen and other parts of their bodies can confront complications, the twins attached to the head are far greater risk.

The case of the two American guys who joined the top of the skull attracted global attention in 2016 when doctors successfully separated them after 27 hours of surgery.
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