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She was at Bar – Hollywood life


The woman of the skyscraper Tamere Movri, Alain, was killed at a border bar and barbecue when the attacker opened fire on November 7th. The actress and her husband confirmed the tragic news in the statement.

UPDATE: Tamara Movri-Houslei and Adam Houslei have confirmed that their niece Alain Houslei is one of the 12 victims killed in the shootout of the Thousand Oaks. "Our hearts are broken," said the couple Us Veekli. "We just found out that our niece Alain was one of the victims of the last night shooting at the Borderline Bar in Millennium Oaks." Alain was an incredible young woman with a lot of life in front of her and we were ruined that her life was shrunk in this way. prayers and we ask for privacy at this time. "

After shooting at Houston Oaks, California, which left 13 people, including a murderer, dead, some people are still trying to contact the dearest who were in the border bar during the attack. Which includes Tamera Movri-Houslei and her husband, Adam Houslei, whose nephews, Alaina HousleiShe was reported to be in the dance floor when Ian Long, 28, opened fire. A college student named Ashley went to Twitter to find out that the conflict still lacks her after the attack, and Tamera replied to reveal her relationship with a woman in Ashlei's photo.

"Ashlee, this is her aunt Tamer Movri Houslei?", Wrote the actress. "Can you please give me your information?" She asked if the niece was one of the girls who fled the scene during the shooting and if Ashley knew where the hospital could be. Finally, Ashley replied: "I was in touch with Adam, unfortunately there is nothing new to apply at this time." Ashley confirmed that Tamerina's niece was the only one of her missing friends, and the women then took over the rest of their conversation with a direct message.

By 8:52 am ET, Tamera updated advocates about what is happening. "We have not found it yet," she wrote. "It's been 7 hours since the shooting." The bar at which the shooting took place is popular among colleges from nearby Pepperdine University and the University of California Lutheran. In the night of the attack, at least he had a weekly college state.

Tamerin's husband, Adam, also prayed on Twitter for the safe return of his niece. "Stay positive and pray and be hoping and wanting to be there more that I could do," he wrote at 9:36 am ET, confirming that at that time it was still not found. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families in this difficult time.

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