Monday , March 27 2023

Skivatch: Taurid's and Leonidi's meteor showers VBNS-10TV arrived Columbus, Ohio


When the sky is cleansed this week, take the time to look at the night sky and on Sunday night you can use the Moon to make it easier to find Saturn, a wonderful view if you have a decent telescope. Two will be in the southwestern sky after sunset. The moon will be above and to the left of the dirty planet.

It is expected that the meteoric spirit of North Taurida will also be recorded on Sunday night. The shower is caused by the rest of the remnants of Comet Encke. Although it's not particularly active shower (you're lucky to get more than 5-8 meteors per hour), this produces fireballs. These slow, very bright meteors are remembered if you are lucky enough to see them. Shower is the most active around midnight when the constellation of Taurus is highest in the sky. Conservation will be almost above the head in the eastern sky at that point on Sunday night. As always, find a dark spot, away from the city for the best chance to enjoy the show.

Venus again picked up the Morning Star monster and will be able to see it this week. The planet has this nickname, because it is the third brightest object on the night sky behind the Sun and the Moon. As a result, it falls out of sight for the sun's reflection later than any star in the night sky. Take a look at the eastern sky about an hour before sunrise and shine brilliantly. Arktur, the brightest star in Booties, will not be far away.

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On Thursday morning, the moon will arrive at the First Week at 9:54 am The crescent will be after that evening.

When you recognize the crescent, you look like a red planet. It passed on Thursday evening very close to the planet Mars. The two will be in the southern sky and Mars will be almost directly to the right of the month that shines with a reddish shade.

One of the big meteor showers this year is the highlight of this week and early next week. Leonid's meteor shower is conducted on November 17th and 18th each year. This is caused by the rest of the remnants of the comet Tempel-Tuttle. The moon is lighted this week, which will hinder one of the showers, but is set up right after Saturday morning, which means you will have a few hours of watching under the sky from the moon. Look east on the constellation Lea for a shiny sieve. If you can get far enough from the city, you could see between 10-20 meteors per hour. Happy hunting!

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