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Trial Brief: Ek-Trump Assistant Gates continues to cooperate


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Rick Gates, a former associate of the Trump campaign and a key contributor to a Russian lawyer's special investigation, is not ready to be convicted because he continues to assist in "several ongoing investigations", prosecutors said in a court briefing on Friday.

Gates is the central figure in the investigation of Robert Mueller's special attorney on Russian electoral interference and possible co-ordination with the Trampa campaign. But he also helps the federal authorities in New York, who are investigating the Trump Inaugural Committee, as well as lobbying in the name of foreign interests by prominent figures from Washington.

Joint submission by Mueller's office and Gates lawyers comes at a time when Russia's investigation is suspended. But it is unclear whether the delay on Friday is an indication that Mueller can soon submit his confidential report or is linked to the status of other investigations.

The motion requested an additional 60 days to update US judge Amy Berman Jackson on whether Gates could continue to impose a sentence. The judge approved the request later on Friday.

Last year, Gates pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and false statements regarding Ukrainian lobbying and political counseling with former Tramp Paul Manafort, who was sentenced to more than seven years in prison.

Last year, Gates helped the government condemn Manafort at the trial. The prosecutors noted that he continues to provide information about Manafort's time in the Tramp campaign, although none of them is charged with any crimes related to Russian electoral blending.

However, Mueller prosecutor Andrev Veissmann, who led the Manafort case, told a federal judge earlier this year that Gates meeting with Manafort in August 2016 went to the "heart" of the Russian investigation. The meeting at the Grand Havana Room in New York City was with Constantin Kilimnik, a longtime Manafort associate who the FBI says has to do with the Russian intelligence service.

The prosecutors did not disclose exactly what caused their interest in the meeting, although the court records show that it is a discussion of a possible peace plan between Russia and Ukraine.

Separately, federal Prosecutors in New York are investigating the Presidential Inaugural Board, where Gates served as a senior functionary. Investigators are investigating whether foreigners illegally contributed to the committee, which raised $ 107 million for Trump's inaugural events and how that money was spent.

The same office is also investigating lobbying for Ukraine in which Gates was involved.

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