Sunday , November 28 2021

Vigil is Monday for murdered teacher Sheker Heats, a distant wife of the former judge of the accused in her death


SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio – The Association of Teachers Shaikh Heights holds a solemn care for Aisha Fraser Mason, a teacher who was killed on Saturday in her home.

Students, teachers, friends and members of the community are expected to gather on Monday, November 19th at 5:30 am. in Voodbourne Elections on the 15400 block of South Woodland Road to remember Fraser Mason, whose alienated husband, Lance Mason, was charged by the police with the murder.

Fraser worked at Sheker Hats. For 16 years, the school was recently a teacher in the Sixth Class of Woodbury.

On Saturday, Fraser destroyed the killer Mason, a former judge for the joint jurisdiction of the Cuiahoga County, according to sources.

Mason, who spent nine months in prison for raping a Fraser in front of his children, was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of murder, police said.

Police Shaker Heights responded at about 9:30 on Saturday at Fraser's house on 17600 block of Chagrin Boulevard over a domestic dispute. Mason tried to escape from a scene in the black Audi SUV, but hit SUV's Sheker Hates police by injuring both officers and himself, the police said.

Mason and an officer were taken to the hospital on Saturday.

After Mason was released from prison in June 2016 for an assault on his wife, he was disappointed and forbidden to serve as a judge again. He was ordered to pay a $ 150,000 judgment to the Fraser in a civil case for damages after the attack.

Mayor Cleveland Frank Jackson engaged Mason in late August 2017 as the city's director for minority development. Jackson fired Mason on Saturday for charges of committing a crime in connection with the incident in Sheker Heights.

"I express my deepest condolences to Mrs. Aisha Fraser's family, especially her children," Jackson said in a statement.

Shaker Heights, senior expert Stephen Wilkins, said in a statement that Frazer was a dedicated mother and a dedicated teacher.

"She touched so many of our children's lives and will be deeply missing," said Wiley's statement. "Its loss is unexpected and the impact of this news on our entire school community is unimaginable and deep."

The Association of Teachers of Smugglers Hajts announced on Saturday the announcement. "Aisha showed the best of Shaker Heights's teacher, wise, incredibly concerned about her students and her colleagues, active in her profession and our association. Many like him."

The Teachers Association established a account with income from Fraser's daughters aged 11 and 8 years.

The 11-year-old daughter of Masons, Audrey, has a new Down syndrome and an open heart surgery when she was 8 months old to repair the hole in her heart. The couple opened the Audrei's Chocolate shop in 2012 in honor of their daughter, helped to provide additional revenue for Audrey's medical expenses and ultimately hire those with Down's Syndrome, according to Plain Dealer archives.

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