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Angela Jolie and Brad Pit face each other at the end


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Updated on 07/11/2018 – 10:16

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Los Angeles, 07/11/2013. (The People Online) – There will be a judge who will intervene and write the last chapter of the legal conflict between Brad Pitt (54) and Angelina Jolie (43). The trial will begin on December 4 and is estimated to last from two to three weeks, after which the fate of six children will be condemned: Maddok, 16, Pak, 14, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 11 and twins Vivienne and Knok, 9 years.

The verdict will resolve not only custody of children, but will also impose a fine on the goods and property they have distributed because they have not signed any pre-accession agreement.

It is expected that this fight will escalate after the release of the actress and director of the Laure Vasser service – popularly known as the Queen of Divorce in Hollywood – and getting to a new law office in San Francisco, given the refusal of all law firms from Los Angeles to represent him .

The source close to the couple quoted by ET says that Pitt came to feel "disgusted" by his former wife and legal team for allowing the detention battle to take place in public. "He wants to solve it privately. He knows this is not fair for children. "

After the actress filed a divorce application from September 20, 2016, controversies in the former marriage were constant until April last year, when the US media repeated an agreement that seemed to be final and detailed in his duties and rights in respect of his great offspring. Some information is very far from reality after discovering that the actress requires a lot of care about children, as she intends to be placed in London with the children, and the actor demands a joint detention, claiming that his ex-wife is trying to deny him the right to raise his children .

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