Thursday , August 5 2021

Bayern stared at Coeman’s right eye: there would be a riot

Bayern Munich already has the first big request of his brand new coach Julian Nagelsmann and that is none other than him Alfred Schreuder. Ronald Koeman is second on board the one Nagelsmann steered and focused on. He wants to start his career as a Bayern coach in his team starting next July.

In Barcelona, ​​the situation is not simple. Although Schreuder and Koeman have another year to contract, by June 2022, the club does not confirm that this will be met And that will depend on the final outcome that happens in this close league. Before this panorama, Schreuder will have to decide in the next few days whether to continue with Koeman risking being on the street in two weeks or if you accept an enticing offer from the Bavarians now that an exciting project is starting at the Munich club.

Laporta, who already knows how Bayern implements them, feels fear when deciding on Koeman’s continuity and to lose his friend on the road, who bears much of the blame for the good that is happening to Barça this season. Bayern will pay close to 20 million euros to take over Nagelsmann and Can Barca, they have no doubt that if Nagelsmann insists, The Germans will throw away millions A 48-year-old Dutchman.

Shcreuder is a convinced cruiser and worries about an offensive conspiracy of this FC Barcelona. His great tactical knowledge helped him gain the respect of the first team Barca, which was key to presenting Coeman’s ideas in the transition year of the Catalan club.

Now some are starting key days in which it will be known whether Koeman and his team will continue for another year in Barcelona and if it is completely. Schreuder will have to make one of the most important decisions of his careerThe ones that cost so much when a great opportunity appears in front of your door when you are already in a good house.

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