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Bitcoin and Ethereum are falling while Loopring grows 40% CriptoNevs


After the infamous collapse of the cryptographic market in 2018, its evolution in this year that began was nothing favorable. The total market, which stood at $ 127 billion on January 1, showed a downward trend and it has fallen by 5.51% by January 22 to $ 120 billion.

In the case of the main crypto currency, bitcoin (BTC) shows similar behavior, with a loss, from the beginning of the year, higher than the market, from 6.8%. Its price, according to CoinMarketCap, rose from $ 3,800 to $ 3,558 on Tuesday, January 1. At the time of writing this article, there was a slight increase in BTC to 3,612 USD.

Within this downtrend, Bitcoin experienced a sharp increase on January 6 and exceeded the price of $ 4,000, although after three days it fell sharply by almost 8% to 3,700 USD. The CoinMarketCap chart also shows the evolution of BTC's price and its market capitalization over the past 30 days.

Bitcoin hunting loop-ups

After a short recovery two weeks ago and over 4,000 USD, bitcoin is back to the minimum this year, about $ 3,550, to then improve its price to $ 3,600.

On the other hand, Ethereum has followed a similar evolution at its price in line with bitcoin and the market as a whole. After the beginning of this year with a price of 135 USD and a growth of almost 20% to $ 160 in five days, the ether followed the same trend in the crypto currency market and fell sharply on January 10 to settle down Wednesday, after some fluctuations, to 119 USD.

This represents a decline for Ethereum of 12.5% ​​so far in January, which represents more than double the loss compared to the fall of the BTC or the overall market.

As for the best performances in the last 24 hours, Loopring (LRC), which showed a 51% increase in the night, now stands at 44%. A possible reason for this increase in Loopring, which is separate from the trend in the bear market, could be ad Incorporating this cryptoactive into Ethfinek. In exchange for the house, three new pairs are included: LRC-USD, LRC-BTC and LRC-ETH.

Loopring monitors the good score Factom (FCT), with 15.5% and Mikin (KSIN) with 12.18%.

Losers of the day are Aurora (AOA), with -17.6%; TenKs (PAI), with -15.3% and Buggria Coin Zero (BCZ), with -14.9%

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