Tuesday , May 18 2021

Boxing: Canelo Alvarez receives a message from a woman for help and decides to help her

UA call for help is what a woman, by name Sahiie Cruz Villegas, created by Saul “Canelo” Alvarez to help you fight chronic kidney failure.

The lady used social media to post a video in which He seems to be characterized as a boxer, with red hair and a beard, as well as having a copy of the WBC belt in the super middleweight category. which Tapatio holds, to send him a desperate message of help, with the idea of ​​procuring the funds for a kidney transplant he needs.

“I have already made a video for Guillermo del Toro and this time for him I characterized myself from Canel to call the heart of Canel. We decided that they would film me this way so they could see the iron going through the catheter. It is already very tiring to be on hemodialysis, my body can do less and less and there can be consequences in my body, for that reason it is necessary that I already have a transplant.

“That’s why I’m calling on Canel to tell him I want to live, a new life through my transplant. What I need is to collect almost 500 thousand pesos and call Canel so he can help me however he can. I made a belt to be the champion of life. What I have in my arms are wars and I really want to live. That’s right here is my belt to be the champion of life“It sounds like Sahiie Cruz Villegas.

And Canel’s answer didn’t wait long: “Phone number, please,” the world champion wrote in the post., making it clear that he would contact a woman to contact her, as he had done before with other people, as he did with the child David Antolin, whom he helped with a lung transplant.

Alvarez is in full preparation for the fight against Billy Joe Saunders on May 8, challenging the super middleweight categories of Mexican VBCs and VBAs, as well as the British WBO.

Photo: canelo


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