Sunday , August 14 2022

Correo del Caroni – The Legitimate AN rejects the mediation of the Zapatero in a possible dialogue


The Legitimate People's Assembly of Venezuela, under the control of the opposition majority, rejected the mediation of former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero as in a dialogue to overcome the crisis, as he considers it biased for the dictator Nicolas Maduro.

The decision adopted on Tuesday declares that is not allowed the political intervention of Zapatero, who "has repeatedly demonstrated his unconditional bias in favor of autocratic interests" of the Venezuelan Government.

The opposition assembly had problems in approving this proposal, due to the separation in the chamber, which was not part of the Bolivarian ruling party.

A total of 53 out of 100 participants approved a request filed on 16 July, which for three weeks requested support for the proclamation of the indefinite persona non grata.

This request caused the division of the opposition parliamentary group. Part of the party's party, Primero Justicia (PJ), deputy Julia Borges, said the Assembly was not the authority to issue such a statement.

At the session, the proposers changed their definition and raised some sort of sort moral sanction against Zapatero.

Deputy Delsa Solorzano of the Un Nuevo Tiempo party supported the statement, but noted that what was happening in the National Assembly for the Zapatera issue was shame.

"If a man like Zapatero, who does not represent the interests of Venezuelan dignity, shares us, he is sick." Zapatero does not deserve it. This gentleman has already done us a lot of damage, "he said in his account. Твиттер.

The deal was proposed after rumors emerged that Zapatero was pushing for a new round of talks between the government and the opposition.

Opposition leaders reject new talks after a breakdown of early-year dialogue in the Dominican Republic.

In those talks, no agreement was reached on determining the date of the presidential elections. The elections were held on May 20, without the participation of the opposition, which condemned the Madura execution again as a fraudulent process.

Deputy Borges, who was the head of the opposition mission, did not return from the conversation since he said he had received threats. Then Maduro accused him of being the main mode of the alleged assault on August 4 on airplanes with turbulent explosives.

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