Saturday , August 20 2022

DC News: Mendes calls & # 39; in Real Madrid for Joao Felika


Jorge Mendes have u Joao Felik on your 'Mbappe'. Representative Cristiano Ronaldo Try doing business with one of his great pearls. It was offered to Santiago Bernabeu, with a huge payout, but of his own real Madrid they followed him, as he confirmed Central defense

"There are more projections." Kilian Mbappe"We're here to take care of that." Joao Felik. Benfica's attacker has already become blind real Madrid in the semi-final of the Youth League 2016 against Juvenil de Guithe. There they began to realize that it was a great footballer. Once the 19 years It is presented as the new Mbappe in the transfer market. ("Fight" by Major Joao Felix: Madrid, Juve and United)

It's your representative Jorge MendesInteresting is the one that has it Cristiano Ronaldo and that he had done so much with Real Madrid and Florentine Perez. Real Madrid is following Joao Felik and examines whether it is convenient to throw a million for his signing. Sorry about that Mbappe in 2017, and now they may be much repenting. "I'd rather pay 300 in a few years than 180, and I do not know how he will do it," said President Kilian Mbappe. A few years later he showed that it was a mistake not to pay for his signing.

Nickname in Portugal "Hurricane Felix" costs 120 million euros. A character who proposes to pay half of Europe to sign it. Al real Madrid we have to add the interest of FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus from Turin, Athletics, Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund, PSG, Monaco, Baierna, Milan and West Ham, among many others. Half of the continent is after signing the new star Viseu. Of course, those who are strongest for their signing are Real Madrid, the Juve and the United. The three who are really studying to reduce the $ 1 million operation, which will be much talked about during the summer.

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