Tuesday , May 18 2021

Doctors and nurses prayed together for the health of patients with COVID-19 in CHET (Video)

Nurses, doctors and family members joined in the thunder on Good Friday to pray to God for all the circumstances that Venezuela and the world are going through. (Courtesy)

The president of Carabobo State College of Nursing, Julio Garcia, convened a special activity this Friday at Dr. Enrique Tejera Hospital in Valencia to pray for patients from the COVID-19 area, demanding faith for their cure and why the pandemic is ending in Venezuela. and the world.

Together with the state health union Carabobo, a special prayer was held in the CHET area for patients with COVID-19 for those hospitalized in this and all public and private health centers of the entities.

Nurses, doctors and family members joined the thunder this Good Friday, asking God for all the circumstances that Venezuela and the world are going through.

Through an interview conducted by the team Carabobeno it has been determined that the governing board of the College of Nursing lives in uncertainty regarding the deficit of health workers.

“There is no way to adequately serve our people, as only care protocols are respected,” said Julio Garcia.

On the other hand, Carabobeno’s medical staff is urgently seeking to address the problems it suffers from a lack of funds and incentives.

The fear of doctors and nurses living in the country is great when they need to go out to do their job, stressed Dr. Jorge Perez, director of the United Doctors, Chapter Carabobo, who was present at the prayer day.

“The situation is worrying, because 85% of our health population has not yet received the vaccine against COVID-19,” Perez said.

In this regard, Dr. Perez calls on the authorities to meet the priority needs of medical and health personnel, to which is added the lack of personal protective equipment and supplies; while requiring general improvements to the Carabobo health system.


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