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Dominicana enhances the control of wrinkles

March 17, 2019, 11:34Santo Domingo, 17 March (Prensa Latina) Although the guba is currently under control in the Dominican Republic, health authorities have decided to step up measures in this regard before new cases that have emerged in the country.

According to Charter Diary, the Dominican Dermatological Institute and Skin Surgery, Huberto Bogaert, an institution in charge of the search and treatment of wrinkles in this territory, registers from 1966 to today 13 thousand 923 confirmed cases, 12,624 received medical discharge.

However, it warns that this year, a disease produced by bacteria or Micobacterium leprae, which mainly affects peripheral nerves and skin, has been discovered in 30 new people.

At a workshop led by the aforementioned Institute called Evaluation, Coordination and Planning of Comprehensive Care of Wrinkles, the director of the Anti-Wrinkle Program, Juan Periche and other specialists, explained the priorities that should be addressed in terms of your health and location.

They explained that the fracture is curable with a medicine that is free of charge and treated in the early stages, disability can be avoided, but otherwise mucous membranes, bones, skin and peripheral nerves can be affected, among other things. .

The World Health Organization noted that early diagnosis and early onset of treatment are the best strategy for eliminating illness as a health problem and its goal is to achieve prevalence under one case per ten thousand inhabitants.

There are more than seven million people in the world who suffer from this disease, which is basically linked to factors typical of less developed countries, where poverty and poverty make it difficult for patients to treat treatment as a drug.

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