Tuesday , September 27 2022

Euro Dicom was on the basis of BS.774.70 on the twenty-two-year-old auction


The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) announced on Wednesday the results of a twenty-five-year auction of the new exchange rate of the complementary stock exchange system (Dico), setting the price of the euro to 74.70 sovereign bolivars and dollars in Bs. S 65.10 respectively.

The results of what would have been fifty-seven auctions of Dikom, indicate that the price of the Chinese yuan was in Bs.S 9.41, Turkish lira in Bs.S 12.06, and the currency was Bs. S 0, 98.

Given that in the previous offer, the euro was on Bs. S 73.86, and the result was 84 cents more, and the value of the dollar rose 21 cents.

A total of 176 legal entities were registered in this tender, including Convecaucho Industria. S.A, with a grant of $ 200,000 to be used to pay the debts of El Gran Principe. C.A, with the delivery of 100,000.00 euros for imports, Von Road Center, C.A, 147,000.00 € and the company Prestige Empire Import & Ekport. C.A, who received € 154,000 for raw materials and imports.

At these auctions, the state does not participate as a provider in foreign currency, it fits only with legal and natural persons, which can acquire up to $ 400,000 and $ 500 per month, respectively.

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