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Facebook allows payment via a platform in Italy


Facebook users in Italy noticed that the social network calls them to "pay with Facebook" and the logo is similar to Bitcoin.

Already in coincrispi, we pointed out to Facebook's intention to launch its own crypto currency, in order to create a payment system integrated with messaging services on the social network, as well as VhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. However, Facebook has not made an official announcement on the topic, but is expected to do so soon.

The news about Italian Facebook users comes from the country's technology site, Mobile World. Apparently, the new payment option is available for Android and iOS users in the country, but other users in the rest of the world are not yet available to users.

According to the local press, the new system functions similarly to buying on the Facebook market where the buyer has to send a payment request and then waits to be accepted instead of buying it with a single click or touch Instead of simply using the funds in your local currency, it is said that and this new functionality has a new currency.

Regarding the characteristics of the alleged new Facebook crypto currency, some sources indicate that this could be a typeStablecoin& # 39; Only to be linked to the value of three different fiat currencies, instead of just one. In addition, it would have the name Facebook Coin (very original, Zuckerberg).

It would not be the first time that the social network integrates a pay-per-view platform. In fact, for several years now, the Chinese startup VeChat offers its users this kind of service with considerable success. However, the big problem for this project is that Facebook users rely on social networking after scandals related to selling their data.

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