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Fernando del Paso, a brilliant writer


Prizma Cervantes 2015, Fernando del Paso, died yesterday at the age of 83, he thought that the drawing of the "revenge" of his left hand "on the act of writing", which he dedicated him as the author of colossal novels such as News about the Empire, the masterpiece of Mexican narrative.

Born in Mexico City on April 1, 1935, as a child he dreamed of devoting himself to graphic humor, he was able to decline because of a lack of pencil skills, but who resumed a few years later as some kind of liberation.

The first steps of the author are referenced in the drawing, one of his great passions, since he worked as a creative in the world of advertising from 1955 to 1969.

The diplomat, academician and journalist spent more than a decade (1970-1985) in London, where he was a BBC announcer, and between 1986 and 1988 he was a cultural attaché of the Mexican embassy in Paris, and later a consul (1988-1991 ).

Considered one of the greatest stylists and innovators in Spanish, published in 1958, his first book, songs Sonnets of the daily newspaper, which would follow novels with a deep historical interest.

"I think that in a very broad way every novel is a history. In every novel you can learn something from the history of an era," the author explained. He said that the good ones contained "a very skilled recreation of life," and claimed that good literature teaches "what kind of a man is, and not his tragic aspects".


Among his novels are Jose Trigo (1966), considered an exaggerated book, innovative in the use of language, and appeared in the full Latin American "boom", and Palinuro Mexico (1982), a parody of a medical student involved in a student launch in 1968, marking the tragic massacre that took place on October 2 of that year at Plaza de Tlatelolco.

But no doubt it was the most beloved novel by Del Pasa News of the Empire (1986), a monumental work that successfully reconstructed the metrological Mexican empire under the leadership of Makimilian and Carlot (1864-1867).

His editor in Spain, Carmen Balcells, who partially receives the book, initially advised him to cut it off, but later realized that because of the accuracy and structure of the story, it was impossible to make and publish what Del Paso wanted.

In an interview with Efe, Del Paso explained that since childhood he was fascinated by the story that was explained in Mexico in schools "in a very short, almost anecdotal" but that he was impressed as a child.

"I knew that we had a blue emperor whom we shot and a tsar, which we named mama Carlota, who went crazy and died very old," he added.

In addition, the author is an essay as it is Winter Colloquium, with Carlos Fuentes and Gabriel Garcia Markuez (1992) or Memory and oblivion, the life of Juan Hosea Arreole (1994), or Travel around Kuijot (2004), and his dramatic genre is his work Death goes to Granada (1998), inspired by the death of Federico Garcia Lorca.

In poetry he left the titles From A to Z: Songs for Kids (1988), Ten color pallets (1990), Castles in the air (2002) i PoeMar (2004).


Del Paso became the sixth Mexican who received Servantes, and after he learned the news, he estimated that the award was "the peak of life devoted to letters and doses of revitalization after a long-term illness."

In those moments, the author recovered after a heart attack, which affected his speech and motor skills.

Among the other prizes they received, are Ksavier Villaurrutia (1966), Romulo Gallegos (1982), National Science and Art in the Linguistics and Literature category, and the International Book Fair Guadalajara (FIL) in the novels of the language 2007

The writer remained close to his readers until his death, participating in public events in which he felt the enormous affection that the city of Guadalajara felt for him.

His participation was even foreseen for the next FIL (which starts on November 24), where he would present a reprint Death goes to Granada and he would take part in the tribute to Juan Jose Arreoli, on the centenary of his birth.

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