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Gerardo Parra is easy in Giants's training

Parra did not stop fighting in spring training | IN WITH- The Giantsi They will have more young people in the gardens in 2019. The five patrolers of the 40-member team have an average stay of 58 games in Major Leagues, and none of them has challenged more than 120.

If you compare this pedigree to that of Gerardo Parra, A 31-year-old Venetian is invited to train with 1,347 life-long games in mainstream schools, it's easy to understand why giants want to add veterans to his group of rangers.

But, according to Parra himself, the veteran feels younger than ever in his first season in the Cactus League as a visiting player.

"I feel very good," Parra said recently. "I work hard every day, I come early and work hard. I feel like I'm 16, because I'm preparing and taking care of my body.

Parrina's work ethic gives him a chance to earn a place on the Giants list on the day of the opening. The lioness, who won a pair of golden gloves and struck .287 for her life, had a good source

"Parra knows how to hit," he convicted the manager Bruce Bochi. "That's where it should be now, two weeks in the season."

The giants were clear that they were ready, if they believed it necessary, to make a change in order to improve their gardens and perhaps add the right hand to complement the deep line in the left-handed.

The second veteran of the camp as a visiting player outside the squad Cameron Maibin, who had problems with his new momentum.

Although he feels comfortable and confident that everything will turn out well, Parra takes nothing healthy for almost on these trainings, using the same plan of attack all year – outside of his contract or status on the list.

"This is the first time for me (as a player outside the visiting list), but as I always say when I get to _Spring Training_, I think it's my first time in the big leagues," Parra explained. "I'm doing everything in full, I'm not thinking about whether I'm on the list or not. I just want to play the ball and be happy playing the ball, I'm working hard, and that's it."

Parra played five and a half with D-backs, part two in Milwaukee, a year with Orioles, and three with Rockies. Twice he went to the Vorld Baseball Classic, on two Vild Card Games, then on Rockies, and on the 2011 and 2018 Division Series with D-backs and Colorado. The possibility of playing in San Francisco in October under the command of a leader destined to finish at the Hall of Fame led him to accept Giants's call for training.

"I wanted to play for Bochi," Parre said about what attracted him most to the club. "He is a great manager. A huge person This team won a lot and that's my goal: Try to help us win this year."

Having spent most of his career in the National Division of the Western Division, Parra is well-known to Oracle Park in San Francisco. For a lifetime, he struck .310 / .350 / .399 in 63 games in the Giants' home, and that .310 was the third best among rival hitters with at least 200 appearances in history, just behind Paul Goldschmidt and Andre Etière.

Knowing the division, in addition to friendship with some old friends in the club, makes Parra feel at home in the giants.

"I feel like I'm a family here and I'm happy about that," Parra said. "I do not think this team needs anything." It's a great team. You have to play hard every day and see what's going on. "

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