Thursday , September 29 2022

Hack Ekchange House Violation StatCounter analysis tools | CriptoNevs


Also, a malicious script was used only in cases of withdrawals over 10 BTCs, and for smaller items, the daily withdrawal limit was assigned.

A wide range of attacker actions have hit this attack, as it manages to break an analytic tool that uses more than two million websites and calculates statistics of over 10 billion page views per month, from StatCounter web site. Despite this wide range, the attack is only adapted for, but it is possible that malicious script versions will also be adapted to other substitute houses.

No detection by

Infected the malicious code in StatCounter not detected would be none of the 56 services Antivirus and Security However, according to ESET, this could be linked to the fact that a malicious script is inserted in the middle of the code, when it is common to "find them at the beginning or end of a legitimate file". It made this code "hard to detect," ESET notes.

Following this hacking, a Singapore-based exchange office maintains its operations open while the security team confirms other possible vulnerabilities.

With this hack it, the exchange of cryptocutants that were the victims of computer attacks that they had in Extremely booming in 2018. Recall that a week ago a hack was recorded a substitute house in Canada, who stated that there were no funds to compensate for the losses. There are also cases of losses in millionaires Japanese Coinchek, and Italian BitGrail.

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