Sunday , April 2 2023

How to save up to 60% of the battery in your phone?


Many people like it because it looks more elegant than the interface on a white base and black text. Although it has other advantages.

As Google explained to developers, adopting Dark Mode in applications, it can save up to 60% of the AMOLED screen.

Recently added a dark mode to IouTube, according to Google:

If the screen brightness is 50%, it saves 14% of the battery in dark mode.

If the screen brightness is 100%, this mode saves 60% of the battery.

The reason is simple, because the AMOLED screens do not need to turn on dark pixels and this causes a significant reduction in consumption.

Regardless of what the programmers adopt, as long as we have the possibility of a dark mode and our device has an AMOLED screen, it will be a good idea to choose it.

Source: Derf


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