Thursday , December 3 2020

How to use PS5 code on PS Store

PlayStation 5 is here available worldwide. It seemed that this day would not come, but it is finally time to say it clearly and loudly: we are immersed in it a new generation of consoles. For that reason, the first thing we want to do is try out those new games that are launched together with Sony’s console this November. One of them is Demon’s Souls, great reworked original creado from Bluepoint Games. If we put ourselves in position have the code before you have the PS5 in his home, can we to use it on PS4 anyway? We tell you in detail, in addition to guiding you in navigating the new one PS Store from PS5 And power exchange and easily download games to it.

How to use PS5 code in the PS Store library of the PS Store

How to use PS5 code in PS Store

  1. Let’s go to the PlayStation store, PS Store, in the PS4 or PS5 menu if we already have it at home.
  2. PS4: we look at the left column and go down it until we reach the section “Use the code”, Where we enter a specific number key PS5.
  3. PS5: we choose three ellipses “…” which are located in the upper right part of the new PS store and there we can use our code.
  4. When we’re done, we can find the game in “All Games “from the Store itself (PS5) or in ours PS4 Library.

How to use PS5 code in the PS Store library of the PS Store

Something we have to keep in mind is that, since this is a PS5 game, it probably won’t appear in our PS4 collection if we consult it from the console itself. Don’t worry, once the game is used on your account, you can find it when you sign up (with the same account, of course) on PS5. If you want to check it in advance, you can do so on the PS Store website and on the official PlayStation account, where all the games and applications you own should appear.

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