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"In a few days, a fight will be defined"


Argentine boxer Sergio Maravilla & # 39; Martinez, a former world middleweight champion and high school graduate who retired in 2015, said in an interview with the EFE in Madrid that his return to the box was a fact and that "in a few days" will rival, the place and the date of the struggle in which return to the ring.

After a frustrated attempt to retire with Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, who defeated in 2012 and with which the eventual fight was broadcast through social networks that was to be signed for November 17, Boxer Kuilmes (Argentina) explained that has been training Tinin Rodriguez since April in Madrid's Vallecas village.

In a conversation at one of the high school in the Brooklin Fitboking chain in Madrid, a sticker with more than a hundred institutions in nine countries that run alongside two other partners, "Maravilla" Martinez admits to returning to boxing with the intention of "enjoying every day" unlike the past.

– Question (P): What happened to Maravilles Martinez after the last battle of 2014, when she fell to Puerto Rican Miguel Angel Koto?

– Answer (R): Since I lost with Miguel Cotto and retired, I had four very intense years. Although it was like I got out of Formula 1, I had great years: I made a movie, two plays I wrote, two monologues, I worked in television miniseries and loose chapters of the other.

I also gave motivational talks. There I found an important vein, I have more than 150 conversations. I started talking to sportsmen only, but I expanded, I'm now working with companies, visiting villages, going to hospitals, schools …

– Q: What is accounted for in these conversations?

– R: Life experience, which I think is more important than boxing games. I sit talking to an athlete and tell him about my experiences, my dreams, the wishes I have had, which I tried to achieve my goals … And many of them do well.

It also answers someone who has a disease that is in wheelchairs. This happened to me with the 65-year-old woman who thanked me, because according to her words, my words helped her leave the chair and started walking. It was amazing

– Q: Do you miss a box?

– A: In fact, for years I have not missed it. Now, because I went back to training. For almost four years, I have a lot of pain in my right knee, which was hurt, and that was enough to say that I did not want to know anything about the box.

In addition, lately I had toxic people, not many, but people who were fundamental and I did not understand. Once I got out of the box, I healed what I had and already see it in a different way.

– Q: The train, will it stick again or in the box?

– R: I went back to training and went back to boxing. It's crazy, but what a treasure crazy.

– Q: Go back, with what goal?

– A: There is no light plan in the box, that's what it has. You can not play in boxing. I was thinking about the fight, I was just supposed to sign the fight with Chavez Junior, I actually went to sign and make a riot, and he missed his signature.

He did not want to sign, he could not, he had difficulty problems because he did not arrive with 76 kilograms we agreed on and did not sign. If not, on November 17 he would have to fight him in Las Vegas (USA).

– Q: And is there another fight with him or with another opponent?

– A: I continue with training and I know that something good will come in the future. I'm trained well. They made me raise 8 or 10 kilograms for shooting a movie, I climbed 23, I was going out a long time with my hand, and I have been a long time to lose, it cost me with horror because I miss the goal.

I trained, the child, I trained … But since April 27th I came to Spain (coming to Spain in the hot months and returning to Argentina when the European winter arrived), I did with a clear idea to return boxing and a month Later I have 15 pounds less and 22 pounds. And that is that.

– Q: How much will this fight be published?

– R: I think it will come out in a few days, I'm not talking about Sundays, I think a new fight will be defined for days. You have to see that it is attractive to me, because I do not want any fight. If I return, I want to do it right. I enjoy a lot of things at this moment.

When I started training, I thought, I do not know if I will finish the combat training because it is physically difficult. In case I do it, I do not know if I will cheer the ring; and if I go upstairs, I do not know if I can fight or win.

But I know perfectly well and it is very clear that I will now enjoy the day-to-day training, every day I'm going to enjoy, something I did not work before.

Before I was a champion, there were days I enjoyed and days that I did not, but I did not realize that I had lived a dizzying vortex, with so much desire not to fail, not to make mistakes, not to lose position in ranking, or not to be out of the market … Today, not in the day, but with the years that I have got another story. Now I will enjoy, train with Tina Rodriguez in Vallecas and enjoy the wonderful life.

– Q: How do you see the current situation in the box?

– R: I always see him well. There are huge fighters such as: Vasil, Lomachenko, (Oleksandr) Usik, (Terence) Cravford, Miei Garcia, Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez, (Gennadi) Golovkin … I'm sure I'll miss him.

There are people of the levels, there may not be as many media players as (Manni) Packuiao or (Floid) Maiveather, but there are great figures, super boxers.

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