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Iris Varela arrives at Phoenix

Eduardo Soteldo | Lara Press– Minister Criminal service Venezuelan Iris Varela, arrived at the penitentiary's headquarters Phoenik, at about 8:00 in the morning.

As soon as he arrived, Varela got out of the van and started talking to the relatives of the prisoners who were in front of that place and waited for a visit.

At the request of the minister, the media teams nearby to track the visit will not be able to record photos or video clips, said two officials for communicating.

Both prisons are located north of the city of Barkuisimeto, an area visited by UN members yesterday, especially in the first Ali Urbanism.

And this prison, and the center David Viloria, before Uribanawill be examined this week by the Human Rights Commission, which has ordered the United Nations (UN) to find out the humanitarian situation in Venezuela.

With information from Euseglimar Gonzalez

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