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It's dedicated to La México! Diego Ventura was pardoned by Enrik Fraga's bull


For the offspring. The Portuguese reoner, located in Seville in Spain, Diego Ventura, was dedicated to the Mexican market when he was pardoned by the brave cattle ranch Enricue Frage. With seven large doors in Las Ventas, Madrid, Diego had scheduled appointment for six years in the rebel arena and, as mentioned, in this aspect of synergy and good vibration had their role several days before the start of the triumph campaign, but that was yesterday in a big scene that crowned her career as a reoner. This is another pardon recorded in the history of La Mexico in less than a year, the first one from Anda Cartagena last season.

The livestock that debuted in this top-level arena was Enrikue Fraga, and also, as we noticed, it was already a dream debut, but now with this result the presentation of the pastures was great, more than dreaming, because it immediately puts iron on the golden pedestal.

It was incredible in the afternoon, first because the atmosphere was a great day, full in the first and second stages and something like more than a third in general; a phenomenal climate that left it to the public, and it was a conclave that unanimously asked for the pardon of Enrico Frage bulls, who had pure courage, joy, and that they were never tired of hunting for a horse. The Fraga bulls were, The Tireless, who had a small route and Phantom, pardoned.


Diego waited for the Spirit of the Spirit, the other of his work, at the door of Chikueros, with a pole to start to press. Then he simply and completely completely liked the attack of a bull with greed and a very good son, which enabled Diegou to show his entire repertoire, the fight on his side, turning in front of his partner's face and putting flags from his chest with his horse stops at the last moment to dramatically cut off happiness. Paroxism came when he took his horses up to his horse to run the banderillas with two hands and until then received ovations with the public. Taurus has never been tired of charging, people were ecstatic and gave themselves to seek pardon in a unique way, force, on what the judge approved. Diego still had the luxury to hold the muletazos to get him back to the toilets, where he fired him with his chest. He turned the ring with two of his horses, and the hairdresser Enrique Fraga filled him up to receive both samples of recognition from pilgrimage.

Prior to his first, Ventura, he delighted high school and brushed on a horse, and the master put banners on. He finished his work with three short banners, in order to start with the death penalty later. Short work for a motor that did not have a bull.


As far as the Barralva livestock are concerned, for bulls, nothing is emphasized in terms of presence, on the contrary, of a very unequal type, in addition to weakness, lack of caste, and some with rough ones.

After paseillo gave a minute of silence for the death of Heribert Lanfranchy. Then subalterns, matadors, and monosabies turned the ring showing the blankets in which they asked the MPs to respect the right to do their job.


Enrique Ponce did not have raw materials; details with a layer before his first; with his sleeve in his hand, had to become a surgeon due to the weakness of his partner, along with the fact that he was moving over the attacks because of his changed caste, which made Valencian's work irregular. But he had great moments like when he drew a Poncina that made the audience vibrate. Everything was fine with ovations and a thin request of the ear after the thrust, but the judge decided to give it without a smile. Obviously, the trophy is repeated. What a need, really good.

His second bull, after iron that led a third of the rods and flags, Ponce crashed with an animal that did not borrow at all for bullfighting, and the thing was uphill with the public chiller who asked the Hispanic what passport He had to "hunt" the beast to get rid of it and he heard a warning. Whistle blowers.


The Tremendo tumble hit the first horn of Octavio Garcia "Paio" against kuerencia. Octavio went unpublished in the bullfighting layer. A little worse is this horn, more tied to the floor, also lost his hands for bad, rough and halfway. To finish the picture, the two wreaths were disarmed by a biker. He saved a useless bull from puncture and thrust. Whistle blowers. His other seemed to be a good start with carriage, the bull did not get used to the best, but Octavio started his work; In the waist, the biuk was mixed and erected for thighs, it was not a crowd, but it hit the horns. He was taken to the infirmary, where he did not leave anymore, and his bull was brought to him.


Luis David got a long shift and dramatically removed the first of his series with a series of luck. With a red canvas, he bet on all the mammers, starting from the seat in the center of the ring that made the spooky change in the back. He had every attitude from the beginning of his assignment, unfortunately, a bull came out soon, but Luis left the round passage and dug as the partner wanted to walk and did not lose his hands. Soon I will change the one who helped steel, the minority as a colossus, terrible with the sword.

Spectacular push and against kuerencia and puiazo in all high before the other picador, which was ovation. Fena with a pulse, where Luis showed his repertoire and had a little more cloth to achieve a series of circles and weapons, although the bull ended abandoned. Punishment and thrust, puntiero stopped him and finished in the alley. Applause for stucco.

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