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Johnson & Johnson is convicted of paying $ 29 million to a woman who was suffering from cancer because of the use of talc


BLes Writing – The California jury condemned Johnson & Johnson (J & J) to pay $ 29 million to a woman who developed cancer because of asbestos containing her powder.

The verdict at the Supreme Court in California, Oukland, is the latest defeat for a pharmaceutical conglomerate that faces more than 13,000 lawsuits related to national-level complaints, according to Reuters.

Terri Leavitt was using J & J powder during the 60s and 70s, and later in 2017, he was diagnosed with cancer.

The jury found that J & J-based products used by Terri Leavitt were defective and that the company did not warn consumers of health risks, although they knew them, according to Reuters research published in December 2018.

"Another jury dismissed J & J's misleading assertions that his speech was asbestos-free," said Moshe Maimon, lawyer for Leavitt.

"The J & J internal documents that the jury saw once again uncovered the incredible truth of the decades of cover-up, deception and hiding by J & J."

The report said that, after examining a thousand internal documents, the company knew that talc powder was contaminated with carcinogenic asbestos at least from 1971 to the early 2000s.

The investigation revealed that J & J did not tell the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that at least three tests were conducted in three different laboratories from 1972 to 1975, found asbestos in their hostage, in one case at the reported levels. as "fairly high".

In 2017, J & J was also sentenced to pay $ 417 million in damages to a woman who received ovarian cancer due to the regular use of talc powder.

A company headquartered in Nev Brunswick, New Jersey, denies that the talk has caused cancer and has announced that it has already appealed against the decision, Reuters reports.

A few jury has ruled against the company in 18 cases that appeared at the trial in recent years, among which the latest process in Missouri emphasizes.

The jury ordered J & J to pay a record 4,690 million sanctions for 22 women claiming tac-based products, including special baby products, provoked cancer.

It should be noted that J & J, who denied the accusations for a recent investigation by Reuters, has always succeeded in abolishing the verdicts against her, while recording some victories and as many zero judgments.

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Johnson & Johnson is convicted of paying $ 29 million to a woman who was suffering from cancer because of the use of talc

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