Tuesday , December 7 2021

KATE del Castillo recorded ‘La Reina del Sur’ in MACHU PICCH and got drunk !: VIDEO


Kate del Castillo enjoys life and his profession in a parallel way, with the same emotion of one thing towards another and always ready to be surprised by the new experiences that life offers him. This was once again confirmed by recent recordings third season of “Queen of the South”, where it’s time to take pictures in one of most special places in the world: Machu Picchu.

Deeply excited to have the opportunity to achieve something of this magnitude, Kate del Castillo shared pictures of the tour he went through Cusco and Machu Picchu areas, as well as a special celebration that she and serial production performed in the transport that drove them to archeological site.

Kate del Castillo is filming in Machu Picchu

Mexican actress Kate del Castillo was deeply touched and grateful because he had the ability to record in the archeological ruins of Machu Picchu.

During the video that shared on instagram, and repeated on other social networks, Kate indicated that this is an unprecedented event, since Macchu Picchu, as is well known, is usually a an archeological site visited by tourists in the desire for entertainment and with appropriate measures for that, tourism.

But contrary to what happened ‘Queen of the South’, e.g.This time the production of the successful series visited him to raise the image of this place, with impressive natural environments as a witness to the story of Teresa Mendoza.

They get drunk to celebrate the event

In addition to the above, Kate was deeply gratefulThe Peruvian and Machu Picchu authorities provided them with the conditions for filming on this page.

To complete the opportunity, Kate showed the great atmosphere in which she lived and the production she was in on trucks and trains, he enjoyed every moment of the journey.

Similarly, he showed pictures of the area and how they worked there.

The moment ended with the confession that they got drunk at this celebration in order to enjoy the memory even more. Of course, he pointed that out in a certain way they drank from joys and experiences, from beauty and more to work in such a place.

Here’s a video where Kate del Castillo expresses all about her experience in Machu Picchu for ‘La Reina del Sur’.

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