Saturday , June 3 2023

MKS league will meet with CONMEBOL for possible return to Libertadores


The director of the South American organization was present at the inauguration of the Football Hall of Fame. Imago 7

MEXICO – The Liga MKS they could start negotiations in December to get their clubs back to Copa Libertadores, said CONMEBOL president, Alejandro Dominguez.

The director noted that in a month they will meet in Asuncion, Paraguay, with the president of the Mexican Football Federation, Ion de Luisa and president of the ICC, Enrique Bonilla.

"This issue is being made today, and I am discussing the third day in Asuncion, Paraguay," Dominguez said.

"This is a matter of will, ordering a calendar, and this is one of Mexico's biggest problems, but the door is open," he said.

The leader ruled out the return Liga MKS a Libertadores was given in 2019 because the tournament calendar is ready.

"I understand that the meeting will be around Copa Libertadores and I do not know whether it is for South American competitions, including Copa America." The calendar has already been completed and a collection of $ 1.4 billion has been collected. ", he said.

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