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Moreno and Vargas Llosa talk about democracy


President of the Republic, Lenin Moreno and the writer of Peru Mario Vargas Llosa They met on Monday, November 12, 2018, at the Zawi Government Office of Guyana. This is stated in the Secom Communications Bulletin.

The Nobel Prize for Literature, according to the organism, emphasized Moren's interest in "improving Ecuadorian democracy, eliminating all obstacles to justice that is truly independent, neutral and effective."

"The president told me that some revisions were made to reduce the possibility of arbitrary, offensive attitudes against the freedom of the press," said the author "Conversacion en La Catedral," the newsletter said.

"We hope that this renewed democracy will bring Ecuador progress that we all love for the whole of Latin America," the complimentary novelist wished. During the night of Monday, the writer of "Aunt Juliet and the Writer" gave a lecture "The Future Is Thinking Today" in which he talked about liberalism and his latest work "Call of the Tribe", which he described as "autobiographical" and "a reflection of the evolution of the existence of socialists as a liberal democrat ".

The time he lived in England during the administration of Margaret Thatcher served him for converting to liberalism. Reforms inspired him, showed that "a peaceful revolution can be made in a democracy". At that time, he read to the thinkers that the British contractor had called the figures that now motivated the publication of the "tribal invitation" and on the basis of which he reviewed his positions.

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According to the Peruvian writer, "liberalism is born with the goal of ending poverty, and many of these ideas are nourished democracies." "There is only one freedom, which must manifest in economic, political and the like," said Vargas Llosa, who before the dissertation was awarded the Honorary Doctorate of Specialist University Espiritu Santo (UEES), in which the congress center was developed speaks the master.

When referring to the future of liberalism in Latin America, he mentioned the case of Chile as an example to the rest of the region. "Why do Chileans do not run away like the Venezuelans? Because they have hope," he replied to a practically full audience.

He also added Hong Kong and Singapore as territories that believed in freedom and progress. He said that today the country can choose between being poor or rich. Why choose wrong? "Because they live in a world of fantasies in which they control everything, they choke people and degrade them," wrote the writer "Disagreeing the Bad Girl" at Espiritu Santo University.

In the end, the Nobel Prize for Literature 2010 told the audience that Latin America should not be pessimistic and that we are better today than at the time of dictatorship and guerrillas. He felt that it was on each of us and the choices we make to choose the path of prosperity. "Freedom is an excellent instrument of economic life," he said.

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