Monday , March 8 2021

Pokemon Sword and Shield is becoming a Game Boy game thanks to the fan

Pokemon sword and shield It is the latest part of the Pokemon saga enjoyed by fans in Spain and around the world, which already has more than 20 million copies sold worldwide. Available exclusively for Nintendo Switch, the game moves players to Queen Galar, inspired by the United Kingdom, and invites you to find out new Pokemon and live many more adventures. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, a YouTube user ハ ヤ テ 京 雲 žele wished pay homage to the classic Pokemon titles turning Sword and shield in Game Boy. We leave you the video he created:

Pokemon sword and shield Game Colors style

Pokemon Game Coloring Games they occupy a very special place in the hearts of many players. For example, the maid started her adventures as a player with Game Boi Color edicin Pikachu in hand and editing Pokmon Amarillo in another. For many players these classic installments became the first “serious” contact with the world of video games, and helped them start developing this beautiful hobby.

25 years later about what Red and blue Pokemon will debut in the market, we continue to celebrate the impact this saga has had on players the whole world. The Pokémon company organized read through events in which users can participate, starting with the Post Malone concert on February 28, coinciding with Pokemon Day.

25 years later, Pokemon is still a part of our lives

As part of P25 Music, an agreement between The Pokmon Company International and Universal Music Group, is expected to reveal more musical surprises of this style in 2021. Remember that yours Katy Perry dedicated the song to the saga earlier this year.

Video games celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokemon

On the other hand, players Pokmon GO I can dive into a paid event Tour de Pokmon GO: Kanto, to start this same February 20th. On the other hand, el da 25 The code that users can use will be distributed Pokemon sword and shield: this will allow them get a special Pikachu that accompanies the Sing movement, continuing with the musical theme of this anniversary.

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