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Substance explosions will prolong the electric crisis in Venezuela


March 15, 2019 02:13 PM
Updated March 15, 2019 14:44

"Everyone should have a radio, with batteries in a safe place, to be well informed about what needs to be done. Let their sets of candles inflammation and their various systems; have lamps That all the homes in the country have it; Prepare your water storage systems. "These were recommendations that Nicolas Maduro gave to the population on Tuesday, which many people interpreted as a warning that the national electrical system could collapse again.

More than ten electric sub-stations exploded last week, following the failure of the main transmission line on Thursday, March 7th, due to which Venezuela was in the dark for more than 100 hours.

The "emphasis" of the transformer, the lack of investment and qualified technical personnel, along with the poor state of the substation due to lack of maintenance, are some of the causes of the explosions that have occurred. That's what he said The National Jose Manuel Aller, electrical engineer and retired professor at Simon Bolivar University.

"The explosion of the substation is somewhat abnormal What happens is that during an electrical collapse equipment is subjected to continuous testing to raise and deactivate the energy.Including and switching the switch can additionally damage the transformers, especially when they have already lost their characteristics due to lack of maintenance. do not support that level of stress, "he explained.

The substations have several transformers. After the explosion of one of them, others in operation must replace the load that was out of use. "This leads to the fact that other transformers in the substation are more burdensome than usual and, since they are in the same abandonment conditions, they can also collapse," Aller said.

Similarly, he pointed out that each substation supplies electricity to certain areas; However, there is the possibility of feeding other areas by modifying the transformer connections, which generates rationing. "You take one to give to another," he described.

He warned that this is a temporary solution, a way to deal with emergencies, but the fact of switching off and initiating circuits and changing links can be counterproductive to the electrical system.

"It's an emergency, nothing more." This is not suitable for the system, and much less for users. If it continues to be sustained over time, it's no longer an emergency, it's a bad system operation; inefficient work and the fault and responsibility of those who run the electrical industry, "he added.

In addition, he recommended that Venezuelans avoid excessive use of electricity. Although the crisis has not been generated by users, you can contribute to the service by using it consciously.

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