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The cure for the future before COVID-19, at the most important summit on biotechnology in the United States

The third day of the STAT 2020 summit is over
The third day of the STAT 2020 summit is over

Top STATUS 2020 which brings together the best of medicine, technology and several world leaders fighting the pandemic COVID-19 disease, finished his third day in which he participated exclusively Infobae and where attendees could continue to update on the most relevant news about this virus and the main trends in health and biotechnology.

David Feinberg, The director of Google Health spoke about the work that part of the research giant has done to help millions of people in a pandemic and explained the active role of Internet users to learn more about their problems and how to treat them.

Google Health works primarily with hospitals to help them organize their vast amount of information from their patients’ medical records. When you go to the hospital, you generate a lot of very diverse electronic data that is sometimes lost or only available to one sector. There are even medical orders that are written only on paper. What we are doing is normalizing and concentrating all that information so that it is in a more correct form and available to every doctor who needs to monitor the patient. “It’s similar to the searches we apply to other commercial clients, focused only on health,” he explained. Feinberg during the panel.

Google Health is a smart service for hospitals and health centers in the United States
Google Health is an intelligent service for hospitals and health centers in the United States

“The goal is to save time for doctors and nurses to spend less time searching for a computer and more time with their patients,” the data expert added. He pointed out that during the COVID-19 pandemic, a large trend was observed in millions of people who asked medical questions, especially if they had coronavirus or not. and then how we can help them and connect them to the health systems that cover the costs they generate. “

Before taking this position on Google Feinberg worked in the hospital administration. When he is the leader Erin Broadwin Asked what lessons he learned from his work at the hospital and then applied to Google, Feinberg replied: “When I entered Google I knew we had to be above the highest standards in the industry and based on information provided by others.”

“Today, the challenge is to have the highest level of information transparency in front of the large levels of audience we generate in order to make sure that they can see everything we do with the best security for them,” the specialist concluded.

During the pandemic, Google identified a major trend in millions of people asking medical questions (EFE)
During the pandemic, Google identified a major trend in millions of people asking medical questions (EFE)

It was the medicine’s turn. George Iancopoulos and Leonard S. Schleifer, co-founders Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, clarified the doubts regarding the treatment with monoclonal antibodies that Donald Trump promoted as a “cure” against coronavirus. “I want everyone to have the same treatment as me,” he said in a five-minute video he shot on the White House lawn. With that video, Trump He eventually catapulted the American pharmaceutical company to the forefront. Turned into a star, Regeneron began to study in detail and immediately sought medical help.

REGN-COV2 is part of a class of biotechnological therapies known as monoclonal antibodies. Several companies use this technology to make copies of human antibodies against the new coronavirus. But even if it was Trump’s choice, the drug is an experimental treatment that is still in clinical trials. “We hope that approval will be given very soon and we are waiting for the final decision,” said Sander, co-founder and CEO of the company.

But how does it work? REGN-COV2 antibody attack the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 protein and neutralize its ability to infect healthy cells. According to Regeneron, blocking this interaction between the virus and the infected cells stops the infectious process and helps reduce the high levels of viral load, usually associated with the greater severity of coronavirus-induced disease.

George Iancopoulos, co-founder and chief scientist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

“Our data suggest that it exists people who are at higher risk and for whom treatment will benefit more; More importantly, based on the data, we should not target the drug only to those people from the point of view of benefits and safety, because really it seems that the treatment is safe and that we would not risk patients who would not benefit so much from it. Therefore, it seems that the benefit-risk in these early stages is very favorable for everyone, and if we treat everyone on average, it would probably benefit the entire population, “he warned. Iancopoulos, co-founder and chief scientist Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

“However,” he continued, At the beginning, we believe that the medicine will be given to the people who are most endangered. The reason for targeting is simple not spending drugs on people who won’t benefit so much from it. And without a doubt it will be a logistical challenge. “

Finally, Iancopoulos explained because antibody treatment alone will not be enough to defeat the coronavirus, a vaccine will already be needed. “Of course, the hope is that it is a vaccine -with the passage of time and during the next year- to drastically limit the need for treatment by reducing the numbers from the catastrophic levels we are at now. But we all understand that this will take time, that it will be a process that is developing and that we are at an early stage. “


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