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the first gameplay since 2018 compared to the final version of Xbox One Ks compared to 4K

The setting is one of the essential pillars of the Division 2. And if in the first war there was great concern about the level of detail, Massive and Ubisoft returned, giving everything below. Enough to correspond what was seen during his presentation?

The point is in Xbox One, because it is the console that displays this success of Ubisoft for the first time. We must add to this that, as we did before, the game looks scandalous on Xbox One Ks that offers the original 4K and benefits from HDR technology. So, in order to establish a comparison, that is the most honest.

In this case, it was a bit analyzer channel that determined the differences between the presentation letter Division 2 and the proposal of the game that was finally put up for sale. And, as you'll see below, the game comfortably meets the displayed.

In this aspect, we will see elements that sometimes favor the initial game (especially in terms of texture resolution), while in others, details of lighting and environmental protection play in favor of the final version.

To which we must add, of course, the use of effects and particles that depend on the moment of the day in which we are located and which should be considered in relation to the final balance.

Division 2

The next question, therefore, falls within the framework: How does Division 2 perform technically? The answer is given by Digital Foundry in its latest analysis in all systems.

Regarding the system, Microsoft's black beast is crowned between the console thanks to its six teraflops, which does not mean that other tables are truly satisfying results.

However, it does not surprise anyone – the PC version is the one that is visually the happiest, although this initial release is not released stability. Some digital foundries ensure that they can be covered in future updates.


Division 2 already available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC through the Epic Games Store, and outside its adventure and three dark areas, it is expected to gradually expand its content, including new episodes and content that will come in summer, autumn and winter.

We leave you a road sign for 2019.

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