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The Mayor of Maracaibo has stopped charging in foreign currency in Los Plataneros

The speculative prices and bills in dollars and Colombian pesos at the time of selling first-aid items were part of the irregularities found on the Los Platanos market during a sudden operation by the mayor of Maracaibo.

The operation resulted in a total of three people arrested for the above-mentioned causes, as well as the control over Sedemat, Polimaracaibo and other officials of the Mayor's Office, led by the municipal union, to guarantee respect and respect for the law and put a stop to the collection in foreign currencies and speculation.

Director of Civil Security, Cesar Garrido, Procurator, Joon Labarca, Director of the Municipal Deconcentrated Tax Administration Service (Sedemat), Jean Carlos Martinez, visited other commercial authorities and informal sellers of this commercial area, among other municipal authorities, to confirm that his activity was directed towards the collective prosperity.

"In accordance with instructions issued by Mayor Villi Casanova, we are in this area dealing with multiple appeals that we have received in connection with the plan to affect our currency, because we could see how in the past few days were selling products such as eggs and bananas in dollars, which is unlawfully linked to the impact of monetary coupons – explained Garrido.

In addition, the Director of Public Security reported that this Saturday, March 16, guarantees the sale of items at fixed prices, so that the population had greater access to them.

"We talked with traders and delivered a strong message that anyone who attacks the food sovereignty of our people will get the full weight of the law and we will be awake and wait for the commercial dynamics of this and all markets in Maracaib" mention the municipal government.

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