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The third edition of the Aleka Prize has arrived

The registration period for Alek's Socialbot Grand Challenge 3 prize was opened last week. Amazon demands that this competition for teams of university students, make significant progress in the AI ​​interview and in the interaction between people and computers.

Amazon announced this competition in 2016 and already gave scholarships totaling around $ 3 millionwho went to the teams of selected students. In addition, they gave $ 1.3 million more in prizes in competitions in 2017 and 2018.

The $ 1 million prize, a research grant for a university team that interviews people lasting about 20 minutes or more, has not yet been approved, but is available for the 2019 competition. In 2020, in which Amazon wants to give 10 scholarships of $ 250,000 to the teams selected in the competition.

A video that promotes participation in the Aleka Prize, shows the winners of past competitions, and also explains what they are looking for now. Amazon in this competition.

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In addition, a "training camp" will be held for the teams that will compete, which will be held in July this year, at the headquarters Amazon in Seattle, Washington. There will be resource training that all teams can have. The ability to attend this event will not affect the chances of any team to win.

The starting phase will start in September this year. During the months of the competition, a quarters of the quarterfinals will be held, so that all social robots can be certified and published, which will be divided into two parts randomly. There will be Amazon panel and other clients who will evaluate these social bots. Three bets selected by customers and one from Amazon will continue to the semifinals. The semifinals will be held in March and April of 2020, while the final event of the competition, involving people and judges, will take place in May 2020.

The result of an image for an alex prize

And though goal of a long conversation with Alek has not yet been achieved, student teams have already made significant progress in the field of AI interviews. Each participating team must announce its results in the Aleka Prizes, where it will show the achievements they have achieved. This will be done with the idea that the teams of future participants will be aware of the progress and how they have been achieved, as well as expecting teams from previous years to compete again.

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