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The Transgender ruling ruler died of burning wood


February 28, 2019
Updated February 28, 2019

The leader of the transgender ruling party died on Thursday as a result of body burns caused by firewood cooking due to a lack of gas in the Aragua community.

Ronni Ortega, 33, was admitted to the hospital, Jesus Ierena de Lidice in Caracas, about eight days before his death, despite the fact that doctors worked to keep it stable, regional leaflets reported. ACN.

Witnesses at that event reported that Ortega, who played as a militant of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), tried to hide the cooking wood in his gas house, but exploded and covered the flames.

Residents of the city where the ruling party leader lived reported that these activities are repeated among residents because they do not have a regular gas service.

With ACN information

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