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They dismiss Douglas Chikuit in Belisari

"El Chamo de Lago Azul" – as they told him – his family and friends emotionally honored him at the Belisario Aponte Gym on Saturday, March 16

The board of the covered Gymnasium, Belisario Aponte, yesterday relieved himself of the earthly world of basketball player Douglas Antonio Chikuita Sanzu (33).

In a brown mahogany suitcase with golden details and among abundant wreaths, her body rested.

Friends embraced the suitcase and mourned the early departure of a player killed in El Mecocal, Falcon-Zulia, on Thursday afternoon.

Gaiteros del Zulia was hidden in the Apostolic Palace.

Chikito will be remembered as an excellent son, brother, father, friend and husband, but above all for the love of his family. He loved his family, "said his mother, Marisol Sanz, with deep sorrow, accompanied by her husband, also called Douglas, and their eldest daughter Anmari Chikuito.

The family is horrified. The same thing happened with his friends. Tears and great power overwhelm them.

His wife, Maria Rakuel Huerta, and his 10-year-old daughter testified about Chikuit's murder. Armed people hit him for the first time, when he came down with his girlfriend from Camria, gray. This image is also recorded by two cousins ​​of the partners.

Yesterday, Maria Rakel and a girl grilled in 'Belisari' and given comfort to themselves, they did not believe what had happened.

"They are very badly affected," Sanz said to them about the issue.

Yesterday, at 11:00 am, his father-in-law, friends and teammates filled his suitcase. They took him to "Belisario Aponte" because he formed and falsified his career there as a basketball player there.

The emotional homage paid by his comrades, wore the shirt of Marinos de Anzoategui, rested on his watch; and those of Puppers from Zulia also dressed their own.

"Here was Chamo de Lago Azul (as they called him), he gave us great triumphs here, he was a great man who helped and advised the children who wanted to be basketball players. God should be pleased with his murderers because they took life a great human being, "one of his comrades said in public, while his voice broke.

A minute of silence accompanied by loud applause stopped the tribute.

The attendants hugged and opened the box for the last time to fire him. His wife put her hands on her head and mouth, still does not believe what happened. His daughter grunted her.

"His passion was always basketball," said his mother, who recalled his childhood. "He was a very happy child, he grew up in Lago Azul and in the field of the sector he started to be interested in basketball, fulfilling us with pride," he added.

Chikuit's father says: "My son was killed to steal a car, it's wrong that the phone is passionate." That thesis circulated on Friday night. "My son loved and respected his wife and daughter, this information is completely wrong," he said calmly.

At 1:00 pm, he was buried at the Jardines de La Chinita cemetery.

The basketball player was killed six times in Falcon-Zulia.

Cicpc maintains a hypothesis of a murderous assassination. "The mobile phone that is being handled so far is one of the murdered killers, none of the property has been stolen, they went directly to kill their target," he said, "not excluded that he threatened him because the phones were eavesdropping him."

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