Monday , March 27 2023

Usik managed to spook the Bellevue to react


The boxing world has a new star. Although Ukraine's Oleksandr Usik has already shown his quality, a shocking nail made it two minutes in the eighth round over Britain. Tony Bellevue in Manchester will undoubtedly put him in a more special place, near being the best fighter in a pound. per kilogram of the world.

Already historic Usik, who became the first man in circular weight, titles of the World Boxing Association, the World Boxing Federation, the International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Federation, has successfully held four belts and improved his record to 16-0 with 12 nails, Manchester Arena.

Belv (30-3-1, 10), who was competitive within six laps, failed to finish standing or could surprise the Ukrainian fighter who showed patience, he went with less and more and finally the impression that, when it was decided, the fight ended in a great way.

The fight was exciting, not as explosive as it was expected, that with a very good tactical and technical level, but the superiority of Usik for the second half of the battle was obvious and had no other Tony to play and finish because they did not take anything before the one who no doubt he must be a fighter of the year 2018.

In support, local Anthony Crolla defeated unanimous decision Daud Iordan with a triple 116-112 in his favor to remain as a compelling challenger to the Lightweight title of the World Boxing Association, whose owner is currently curaniano Vasilii Lomachenko. Crolla won 34-6-3 with 13 knockouts for 38-4 and 26 from the match for the Indonesian.

So we saw # UsikBelley

Round 1

Studies, little offered Bellev and less Usik. In the end, Tony threw a few blows that hit the face of Oleksandr and threw several right-handed shots that did not reach the destination, but at least they showed an initiative from the Ukrainian champion who was completely saved.

Round 2

With more determination, Usik came in, mostly with his left hand, but he threw himself right in the form of a whipping opponent of Belle, both soft and cheeky. Nearly in the end, Oleksandr managed to take Tony into the ropes, but the British responded well.

Round 3

Going forward and trying to use left with more speed and strength, Oleksandra is third and prevented him from going on the cards and informing him that it would not be easy to remove all the titles. The left side of Usik was strong in the middle of the round, although in the end, the right Tonia made a dent too.

Round 4

The left from Usica suffered Belv, who was stopped. Well, the champion remained connected, but when he was greeted, the challenger replied to the right. Luxury gave Toni the chance to fill the rope, then lowered her hands, but after she first got left back into her fight plan.

Round 5

Belle to the right prevented Usika from going with everything. In spite of the good left midfield that left ice cream Liverpool, it was the decision and the Tony's right to allow him to answer you and even force him to accept that he had achieved a good right on the face with a shy smile

Round 6

The first two and a half minutes were from Usik. The champion advanced well, cut the ring well and put a strong left on the stomach and Belle's face, but nothing was thought of with nails. In the last 30 seconds, Belle pushed Usica back with several right-handed bombings from his opponent's strategy.

Round 7

So Champion Usik with a ridge and a lion. Usik's better physical state went forward, continued to move his waist and set him right over left in more than two or three occasions, using the fact that Toni was increasingly stopped, although he almost threw a powerful combination that returned to warn Ukrainian.

Round 8

Again and again, left from Oleksandr Usik, she came and made Tony on several occasions until everything or nothing came to a thousand left of the Ukrainian who excluded Toni Belvua from this world until he forced the arrest of the battle after a dramatic fall.

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