Tuesday , November 24 2020

Venezuela awaits Colombian players

Vuilker Farinez and Ariteguieta are the most expected players in the concentration

REIMER CARRENO | CARACAS.- The choice Venezuela Gradually takes his best picture in the face of what will be next America Cup to keep it Brazil.

The second week was a tough job in concentration Miami, where key players in the team's operations are still waiting because they are cash that makes life and glow in Colombian football.

Vuilker Farinez is one of the parts in the strategic puzzle Rafael Dudamel what is expected in the Creole delegation. Karakeno took the national goal from his first minutes of the action. Something that came, based on its solvency Caracas and then with his top performances elsewhere in the world with Vinotinto U-20.

In addition, it has an extraordinary presence in the ranks Millionaires Colombian, who has been working day after day with his excellent qualities in a coffee tournament, delighting the public with almost impossible savings for the goalkeeper who only measures 1.78 m, but has some enviable feline reflexes for everyone in his position.

Farinez came to stay with the Venezuelan winner position, despite the youth and talent of other goalkeepers in this melee Dudamel like: Rafael Romo i Alain Baroja i Joel Graterol.

Also, for your club it is vital to get close to the end League of Colombia. His next rival is Magdalena Union on Sunday, which would be the last duel Farinez with ambassadors in the semester. June 3 will travel to concentration Venezuela, so they will leave Mills in the case of a hypothetical final.

A pillar in the attack

Fernando Aristeguieta of the America of Cali who is also fighting in the Colombian finals, is shown as a pillar in the attack Vinotinto for the America Cup, due to a great performance with a scarf with which he scored a total of 14 entries to date.

Drag this good game to the selection is necessary for Colorado who will arrive in the coming days. His power in the field of fighting and gaining space gives you many options to be on the list of 23 Dudamel for a change Salomon Rondon.

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