Tuesday , May 30 2023

Volkswagen will allocate three plants in Germany for electric cars


Volksvagen announced Wednesday that it will rebuild three factories in Germany for the production of zero-emission electric vehicles in order to be ready to increase the production of this type of unit in view of more stringent European regulations.

A Wolfsburg-based company said it would start production of electric vehicles in its building in Emden and Hanover in 2022. The plant in Zvickau was previously designed to produce this type of unit.

Volkswagen CEO Gunnar Kilian said the company had given employees a guarantee of employment by 2028, although the company said it could cut jobs "in a socially responsible way" because electric vehicles require fewer steps in production

Analysts say the car manufacturers will need to add electric vehicles for their offer, in line with the new EU regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from 2021.

Volkswagen and other car companies have mostly dealt with diesel engine models that have higher petrol performance to meet carbon dioxide emissions, and experts say greenhouse gases cause global warming. However, the sales of diesel engines in Europe has been reduced, since it has been discovered that Volkswagen installed a computer program to allow emissions testing to go through the trap.

Because of this case, VV paid more than 28,000 million euros ($ 31,000 million) in fines, outright settlements and other sanctions. In subsequent research on diesel technology, other vehicle manufacturers have reported more emissions of nitrogen oxides under actual driving conditions than during testing. On September 1, the EU presented new test procedures for measuring emissions in real driving conditions.

As sales of diesel vehicles are diminishing, manufacturers have begun to shift production to electric units to meet new CO2 limits, although demand is slow due to higher costs and the lack of suitable places to load electricity Units of electricity make up 0.6% of vehicle sales in the EU last year years.

On Friday, the Steering Board will decide on a plant distribution details meeting.

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