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Zombies attack Venezuela


March 15, 2019
Updated March 15, 2019. 13:45

While dozens of Venezuelans run for ambulance, and others steal self-serving food, Nicolas Maduro's voice is calm: "Venezuela is in peace, the whole country continues to produce and work."

The problem is that the country now, in addition to social conditions, faces an attack of zombies in the film InfectionFlavio Pedo, who caused a sensation at the International Film Festival in Guadalajara.

"From George Romero (The night of the living dead) we see things like going against capitalism and racial segregation; I like the genre, it always seemed very fascinating and I said, "I want it in Venezuela, in the mountains, next to my father's farm," says the director.

Infection, co-production with Mexico begins when Rus, under the influence of the drug Crocodile, is infected with the virus of rabies and frees the epidemic of aggressive and cannibal creatures. In this context, a doctor takes a trip through destroyed Venezuela to try to save his son.

The film was shot four years ago in the state of Aragua, when the effects of current Venezuelan politics began to feel, says its protagonist Ruben Gevara.

Production was trying to find water and meat, so they had to go through several shops to get it.

The voice of someone identified as Maduro, President of Venezuela, as well as other situations presented, has linked the public with the present Venezuelan presence.

"(O Maduro) We already know how it reacts to epidemics, we hide numbers, now operational cameras can not be transferred to cameras, have a lot of censorship and our film is gone. What happens if there is a similar epidemic? In a word, leaders would say that it is here Everything is normal and it is an attack of the empire, the others are always blamed! "States Pedos." They say there are many political messages, but not in Venezuela, almost every meter has a picture of Hugo Chavez or speech, "he adds.

So far, distributors in his country have recommended that they do not leave him in Venezuela. For now, the festivals in Brazil and Argentina will start, which will have an interest in other Mexican competitions. His budget was 100 thousand dollars

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