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A Vietnamese expert sees Vietnam against Malaysia


Before the match is expected between Vietnam and Malaysia on November 16, 2011, former coach Nguien Thanh Vinh or Le Thui Hai have a rating of this match.

A Vietnamese expert sees Vietnam against Malaysia

Day Three, which has a lot of experience in Vietnam, former coach Nguien Thanh Vinh said that Vietnam is superior to Malaysia in terms of people, the diversity of the game and the ability to withstand the pressure.

Accordingly, according to the former coach of the Hoa Phat Hanoi Club, the team of Park Hang Seo can fully defeat the opponents in the match at 19h30.

A Vietnamese expert sees a picture of Vietnam against Malaysia
Specialists warned Vietnam before the match with Malaysia

"I watched the Vietnamese and Malaysian teams play, of course, with weak opponents, so both sides did not show the full strength of each team. However, it was initially found that the defense of Malaysia is not a good defense because it is even the weakest team in Laos, Malaysia , was ahead.

In the meantime, this Vietnamese team match has an advantage over home. Of course, we did not forget the lesson for 2014, we won Malaysia in the field of the opponent, but we lost in the field Mi Dinh and then eliminated. But perhaps those years were players subjective, lack of focus after the first start after the first game, and then humiliated defeat. Right now, only the whole team focuses, the right style, I believe that Malaysia has no chance, "Vinh said.

Looking into the game of Malaysia, coach Nguien Thanh Vinh appreciated the strength of Ma is a performance based on physical strength. But compared to Malaysia, the Vietnamese team played a more diverse, slightly smaller human opponent. Vietnamese players are also well under pressure, thanks to two successful tournaments in the Asian U23 and Asiad 2018. Therefore, Vietnam Tel can win the next match.


Commenting on this match, Veteran veteran veteran Le Thui Hai said Malaysia played fast, from passive to active better than we should not allow Vietnam.

"Malaysia will not be easy to strike with Laos," Hai said. "The Vietnamese midfielder can not easily pass the ball, it is harder to run for the ball because Malaysia holds a strong ball. From a small game to play a very good, long counter-pack is good, physical strength is also good.

Therefore, the Vietnam team must be very careful not simple. If a game of desire is to win a large number of teams in Vietnam, it will be easy to break because the stone with Malaysia is not sure we won. Different objects, Laos can not be compared to Malaysia. "

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