Thursday , June 1 2023

AFF Cup 2018 fever in Myanmar is no less Vietnam Sports


11/11. The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) officially opened the maps for watching Vietnamese phones in Malaysia at the AFF Cup 2018 at Mi Dinh Stadium at 8 o'clock. However, from 22:00 to 10/11, many fans were present outside the court and placed. By the morning the number of people to buy tickets reached a few thousand.

Hitting, crowding, and some of the extremists pushing barricades, forcing security forces to be present to re-take over the pile and put everything in order. It is known that over 11h, more than 9,000 sold direct lines screamed, while customers are still very large. Over the past few days, many people are buying tickets through a "black market" with prices up to 5-7 times higher than the original price.

The passion and desire to watch live Vietnamese bodies of Vietnam make the media incredible media. And lately, not just in Vietnam, but in Myanmar, there has been the same situation. In particular, this morning (15/11), the Federation of Football Federations of Myanmar officially sold tickets between Myanmar and Vietnam. This country sells from 3000 Ks to 5000 Ks (middle player Mianma) for the map to watch this epic. Converted to Vietnamese currency, this price ranges from 40,000 VND to 70,000 VND. Very cheap ticket to Vietnam.

Immediately after the sale, many Myanmar fans stood in line for a long time in order to hold cards directly to watch this match. As in Vietnam, you can buy up to 2 cards for one ID (or driver's license). This means that a citizen can buy tickets by issuing his own tickets to others. Thanks to this method, the MFF avoided fans initiating the purchase of tickets too crowded, but still provide the number of cards sold to each player. However, this plan does not avoid speculation, forgive!

Lam Van

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