Thursday , August 11 2022

An oil delivery worker eats and transports drugs


Under the cover of staff for the oil company, Duong received the drug to sell to the addicts to make a profit.

Iang Iawang in the police office. Фото: Н.Т.

Iang Iawang in the police office. Фото: Н.Т.

The Da Nan Police City Police keeps lieutenant Le Minh Duong (32 years old, Huong Hoa Village, Kuang Tri) to investigate the activities of 800 drug use.

Duong went to Da Nang to work as an oil company employee. Every day, when delivering goods to the company, Duong gets a drug addict. Police Da Nang closely monitors and sets up the project.

On the morning of March 14, the police police decided to destroy the case. Duong was caught when it was storing 800 tablets of synthetic drugs while it was usually delivered.

The police seized mobile phones, along with 18 million dongues. According to the investigation, that person had a criminal conviction for the purchase of illegal drugs and release from prison in December 2016.

The number of narcotics that Duong brought with him when delivering cooking oil. Фото: Н.Т.

The number of Duong drugs that are brought with you when delivering cooking oil. Photo: Н.Т.

The police are intensively investigating, clarifying other suspects involved in this line.

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